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Disclaimer: I don't own Power Rangers. that woul be Saban/Disney.
A/N: In reality I am a Tommy/Kim shipper and Jason/Billy slasher. However, my muse does not seem to agree. Enjoy.

It was always the little victories in life that Kim strove for.

The complicated handspring Kim finally landed. The new dress she bought on Saturday. Perfecting that soufflé in Home Ec. Passing her science test. Learning to waltz.

Then there were the large victories Kim made.

Becoming a Ranger definitely topped the list. But then there were her more personal triumphs.

The first time she got Billy Cranston to smile that shy little smile. That was the third week of first grade. She had recited the times table (1 through 10) perfectly after two weeks of coaching. She had hugged him for that smile.

The first time she heard him laugh. Really laugh. That was with two weeks left of summer vacation between third and fourth grade. She had attempted to learn his favorite computer game. She had gotten so frustrated and failed miserably. He had laughed and then sat down and plugged in her favorite game. They had played for hours.

The first time he hugged her. That was a slightly sour memory. In the middle of fourth grade, Billy had found out he was moving back east. He had hugged her tight and she had hugged back, just as hard. That was the first time he cried on her shoulder too.

The first time she cried on his shoulder was in seventh grade. Her parents separated, and Kim locked herself in her room. She didn’t come out until she had spent four hours on the phone with Billy.

The first time she kissed him. The first day of eighth grade, Billy moved back to Angel Grove. She had squealed and hugged him tight. She kissed his cheek, and then introduced him to Jason, Trini, and Zack.

The first time he kissed her. The Christmas after they became Rangers, she passed under the mistletoe. It was pure impulse – or maybe it was the Power- that made him stop her and place a chaste kiss on her lips.

The first time they kissed. The first time she said “I love you”. The first time he said “I love you”. They were all years latter. After years of hardships, heartache and separation, they finally declared their love on another planet, in another galaxy.

The last time they kissed. The last time she said “I love you”. The last time he said “I love you”. They were all decades later, in the cockpit of a Zord.

            William Cranston       Kimberly Cranston
July 28, 1972 – October 24, 2056       Febuary 4, 1973 – October 24, 2056
                                     Wolf & Crane
                              Powerful till the Last

It was only fitting.


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Date: 2006-09-06 03:09 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] panijeziora.livejournal.com
oh! it was wonderful! i loved it, sad and serious but with happiness and, really, triumph:)